Founder, Tykesha “Miss DivaDoll” Reed and Assistant Director, Kirsten (daughter)

Founder, Tykesha “Miss DivaDoll” Reed and Assistant Director, Kirsten (daughter)


Maryland Youth Fashion Week was created by Tykesha “Miss DivaDoll” Reed. She has been modeling since the tender age of 10. She modeled throughout her teenage years and upon entering college, she joined the Coppin State Modeling Club. There she flourished and began teaching other models runway techniques. Fast forward to 2004, Miss DivaDoll and her mother, Valerie Scott founded “Diva Dolls Academy”, an enrichment program for girls ages 6-18 that focused on modeling, etiquette, and mentoring. The program was a success for seven years. It was grant-funded and implemented in several schools within Baltimore City and Baltimore County Parks and Recreation. The program eventually outgrew the space they used and have been unsucessful in obtaining the needed space. The mom and daughter duo plan to re-open Diva Dolls Academy at a later date once space is available.

During 2011, another initiative blossomed, Curves Rock Fashion Weekend. Miss DivaDoll’s sister, Chanell came to her with the idea of starting a plus size empowerment movement for curvy women. Tykesha and Chanell both modeled and experienced the lack of plus size garments being shown in fashion shows. Both sisters slayed the runway but were often told unfortunately the designer didn’t make outfits in larger sizes (10+ which is considered plus size in modeling). The sisters took matters in their own hands and started the trailblazing movement to empower plus size and curvy women via fashion shows, health and fitness, empowerment brunches, a web talk show, and various community service initiatives. To date, Curves Rock Fashion Weekend has consistently had approximately 500-800 attendees each year. Many models, photographers, designers, and vendors have gotten established in the plus industry due to these sisters starting a movement in Baltimore.

Since Curves Rock has been extrememly succesful, Miss DivaDoll realized that there was a need for such an event for children and youth that had the same level of professionalism. Miss DivaDolls says, “there are so many talented children that need an outlet in Maryland and we want to bring positive attention to Baltimore and the surrounding areas. We want designers to know that there is a need for fashion in Maryland, not only for adults but for children as well.” Maryland Youth Fashion Week’s goal is to empower our youth to be their best selves but to also provide positive resources for parents of youth. Maryland Youth Fashion Week’s goal is to provide a positive environment that incorporates fashion, fun, philanthropy, and empowerment. Ultimately, helping youth to be their best selves!

Miss DivaDoll’s daughter, Kirsten has been modeling since the age of 2. She grew up participating in Diva Dolls Academy, and as she became older she was able to teach and critique models, both kids and adults. She is very creative and loves to model and dance. Kirsten has been an assistant with Curves Rock Fashion Week since inception, both behind the scenes and in the forefront. Kirsten is the Assistant Director of Maryland Youth Fashion Week and is excited to bring her talents and experience to this organization.

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